Sunday, 29 March 2009

Nadal And Federer

Nadal And Federer

Tennis fans can't stop saying these names, talking about their tennis and how they have changed the world of tennis. So why is all the hullabaloo.

For a very good reason, there are sport personalities everywhere with different qualities which make them good, great and exceptional

  • Their talent
  • Their looks
  • Their personal lives
  • Their personalities
  • Their acheivements

But when you get a athlete who above all of the said things and is recognized as the epitome of the sport itself he/she becomes a legend.

like for example

Micheal Jordon - Basket Ball coaches use his every style as though its a coaching book article.
Tiger Woods - Born to represent Golf, everything he does becomes a standard to follow.
Muhammed Ali - Boxer beyond the ring, changed the face of Boxing foever.

there are many greats to add to the list but Nadal & Federer go beyond just greatness or being called legends.

Because never in sports history have we seen two legends playing in the same era and playing to the peak of their powers. This is what makes them Legends beyond compare.

This blog is a tribute to them for providing us to witness unique piece of sporting history, it surely is a great time to be a tennis fan.

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